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Here I have collected the very best free Graphics Designers websites. Criteria for inclusion? The designers must publish work into the public domain, with NO restrictions on use. Also, check out the free web templates page at eNub. I've found over a period of many years using and publicising free resources that although there are many offerings described as free, it is the free stuff that allows use without restrictions that is truly free.

Rayk Design Rayk Design is home to freelance web designer and artist Raymond Krause. Rayk Design offers commercial design and web maintenance services as well as several open source free web templates.

eNub the Free Graphics Hub Comment: Rayk Design has been a frequent contributor to online open source web templates forums. The designs are placed in the public domain with no restrictions on use. Great work from this designer!

Free CSS Web Templates Free CSS Web Templates makes available great css templates that are ideal for a Google Adsense orientated website. The site is frequently updated and the free web templates allow a commercial publisher to use them without restrictions. A link back is welcomed but not required and gives complete freedom of use.

eNub the Free Graphics Hub Comment: Free CSS Web Templates is a fantastic resource for free css web templates if you are looking to make money from your website. The designer does not restrict you with any linking requirements so the web templates are truly free.

Andreas Viklund Another young designer, Andreas is from Sweden and is very involved in the online open source design community. He designs and publishes web templates and Wordpress themes and places many of them in the public domain. His deigns are pleasing and sophisticated, eminently suitable for a business website. This is a quote from Andreas' website: "These are my free XHTML/CSS website templates. They are free to use for any purpose without any limitations or obligations. I kindly ask you to keep the small credit link (the line that says "Design by Andreas Viklund") since it is a nice way of giving something back to me. But that is only a request, not an obligation."

eNub the Free Graphics Hub Comment: Andreas Viklund designs are well thought out and very well designed, he clearly has a big future as a designer so take your chance to use a design of his at no cost - thank you Andreas!

Minimalistic Design Minimalistic Design publishes free website templates and phplinkdirectory (PHPLD) templates. Interestingly, this designer also produces very good Google Adsense ready websites that have been designed and optimised for Google's Adsense affiliate program. The templates are additonally placed in the public domain by the author which frees you up to use the designs to make money.

eNub the Free Graphics Hub Comment: Minimalistic Design is a great design resource if you are looking for Google Adsense friendly web templates that have no restrictions on their use.

Contented Designs Contented Designs offers Free Web Designs for Small Businesses. They have quite a few free templates available for immediate use (download) which are valid CSS and valid XHTML 1.0 strict. The license allows modification and use for ANY purpose, including business and commercial.

eNub the Free Graphics Hub Comment: Contented Designs is a great free design resource. Their ethos is to provide free designs for webmasters without restrictions - I am happy to list them here.

Gnome's Design and Free Web Templates Gnome, a young and talented designer from Canada, publishes free, public domain website templates that are attractive and standards compliant. He explicitly places his templates in the public domain (check his licenses for each template - some may be restricted, though I haven't noticed any) and whilst he likes a link back to himself to be kept in the design, he does not demand it and allows the users of his popular web site designs decide on this for themselves.

eNub the Free Graphics Hub Comment: Great to see a young designer allowing freedom within his licensing arrangements. You can feel confident using his designs knowing there are no legal pitfalls further down the line should your site get popular. RECOMMENDED FREE DESIGNS by Gnome. Note: If Gnome has a website I'b be glad to link to it from here and other free sites. Here is the site! Gnome's Design and Free Web Templates

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